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BRUTALITY Merchandise

All merchandise available as of 3/06/04

Demos CD
Demos CD
BRUTALITY Metamorphosis/Dimension Demented CD - Contains all the artwork and music from both original demo tapes on one CD - $9.99
Song Titles:
Mausoleum of Infringing Evil, The Body Before Me, Hideous Mutations.
Dimension Demented, Hell on Earth, Lust for Sex, Ignitics, My First Night, Narcoticous Addictous, Frozen Amputee, World War III.
Live CD
BRUTALITY Live 6-11-90 CD - Soundboard recording of the band before they were signed. 15 songs, some not available anywhere else - $14.99
Song Titles:
Hell on Earth, Ignitics, Dimension Demented, Return of the Dead, Psychological Premonition, Lust for Sex, Narcoticous Addictous, Hideous Mutations, Agoraphobia, Brutality, Sweet Home Alabama, Satanic Bible, My First Night, Necromantic Infection, World War III.

BRUTALITY "From the Ashes" T-Shirts - 2 sided, black with light gray print. Original logo on the front and back. "From the Ashes" on the back under the logo - $14.99

BRUTALITY buttons - $2 each.

Shipping/Handling on each item is $2.50 each. Priority is $4.50. Buy more than one item and shipping is combined. Will accept cash, checks, money orders and PayPal credit card payments (sorry, we cannot accept any other credit card payment methods). If sending payment by mail, send to:
P.O. Box 8552
Tampa, FL 33674-8552

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